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The purpose of education, especially in an interconnected, uncertain and globalized world, cannot be mere academic excellence, or  placements, or career.  At Gurunanak Vidyalaya we earnestly believe that the purpose of education ispreparation for life.
Website is a need of today's world of technology. With the help of website educational development can be made easy. We are proudly dedicating this website to all the students, ex-students, parents, teachers, our Management and everyone who is related to Guru Nanak Vidyalaya.
Everyone has a desire to do his/her favorite work. Since childhood, I had one and only one dream - to be a teacher. My role model is Late Shri Sachanandji Sadhwani. I was his favorite student. Today, I feel proud to be the Head Master of this developing institute i.e. Guru Nanak Vidyalaya. I love my respected staff and the lovely students.I wish to offer my gratitude towards the honorable members of Sindh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal who have shown faith in me. We all feel proud to be a part of Guru Nanak Vidyalaya.
The purpose of teaching and education is not merely to teach; it is to transform the child and to enable him to realize his/her full potential – self-actualization. Teachers are, therefore, the agents of change. I always like to be very close to my loving students and to be in touch with the dear alumni.